This is a one-month container to explore the merging between your own mothering journey and a deep dive into the Aware Parenting theory.

This container is to lovingly hold you, so that you can find a deeper connection with yourself and take this magical energy back to your baby, child/ren.  


  • a space to explore your imprints from your childhood

  • understanding why you react in certain ways with your children

  • heal and move your story

  • to be more deeply connected with you baby or child/ren

  • an opportunity to delve into the Aware Parenting theory

  • explore how Attachment Play can support you in your home and build a deeper connection with your children

what topics will we cover?

Week 1: How our own past childhood impacts our present mothering journey. We will be exploring our inner child, imprints, inner story and how our children reflect this back to us for healing. Why Aware Parenting is the portal to transformational change in your home and across the earth.


Week 2: Capacity- Having our needs met, meeting our children’s needs. what is capacity? How do we build our own capacity? Listening to our children's feelings, holding space and how to set limits lovingly.

Week 3: Connection & Play- How do we connect to ourselves as mothers and women? What does connection to our children look and feel like? How can we use Attachment Play to connect with our children and receive more cooperation in the moment.

Week 4: Embodying & integrating Aware Parenting & Mothering. How can we take all of this and bring it gently and compassionately into our homes, free from judgement and coercion? Making sure our own needs and feelings are being met, so we can do this for our children. Setting intentions and setting up your environment outside the container.


Early bird, $180, Full price: $200

*Limited to a small container of maximum six mothers 

If you are struggling financially, please reach out as I have a pay It forward space. 

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A willingness to be vulnerable, an openness to exploration, a longing for community and a desire build a deeper connection to yourself, your child and other mothers. 

This container is perfect for you if you have practised Aware Parenting for a while and need to go deeper or if you are familiar with some elements of Aware Parenting. 


  1. A private Facebook group set up with access to the reflection booklet, other resources and to connect with other Aware Mothers

  2. Each week I will come online live and share about the topic for the week. You can come back and watch this at any time that is convenient for you.

  3. A weekly listening space session for you to be heard, held, and supported. In this space you will dive deeper into your childhood and explore your own activations, feelings and needs (Flexibility with timing)

  4. A weekly online circle (time to be confirmed based on everyone’s availability)

  5. The option to connect through voice note if you choose (Whatsapp, Messenger, Voxer or Signal) 

  6. A self-reflection booklet for you to download and explore the topic for the week at a deeper level, in your own time and space 

  7. An opportunity to explore Aware Parenting on a deeper level and connect with your own needs and feelings.

  8. A space to connect with like-minded Aware Parenting mothers

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