What is a listening space?

Have you been longing to explore and feel the inner parts of yourself that have been coming up to be heard? This can often begin as our children activate us in the moment, and we aren’t sure why we have responded in a particular way.


This calling to go deep within, can also bring fear and shame around the way we act or the feelings we have in the moment towards our child. Often you may feel called to join a mothers circle, but feel discomfort in sharing so vulnerably in circle with many different women may not feel aligned.

Welcome to the listening space, with a heart-centered approach to welcoming in all of you.

During the one hour zoom session I will listen to all of your feelings actively and without any judgement. Every part of you that you choose to share is confidential and held with unconditional love and acceptance.

this space is for you

If it feels aligned, support, empathy, and reflection can be offered from my own feminine, mothering wisdom alongside an Aware Parenting perspective.


This space should not be confused with a psychological or counselling session. This is about connecting deeply with your own feelings and needs and your inner child within.

This space is for you, journeying between the inner and outer parts, finding your way back to the full truth of who you are, so that you can feel confidence, begin to heal and feel nourished.

free 15 minute discovery chat

Want to book a free 15 minute discovery chat to see if this space is for you? If you would like to book in, please fill out the form (link below) and I will get back to you.

create deeper compassion for yourself

By being lovingly held by me in this way, you can begin to reimprint a new story, having deeper compassion for yourself in the moment and build your capacity (emotional availability). You can then take all this magical energy back into your home and you’ll be more emotionally available and present with your own baby, child/ren.



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