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The Spirited Circle

This is a nature based circle, with the dates following the Celtic wheel of the year. This circle was inspired by my girls who wanted to join a women's circle.

This is for families to come together, engage in nature-based play, earth based arts & crafts, movement, dance, drumming and celebrate our mother earth.

My family lovingly invites you and your family to come and meet us and celebrate our mother earth together.

the way of the woman's private Facebook group for mothers

You are lovingly invited to join my private Facebook group where I come online live and share my own journey into motherhood and how this impacted me.


Each month I also invite inspiring women and mothers to come online live and share about their own personal journey's into motherhood and the various different pathways this has lead them into. 

Monthly Aware Mother Circle

Are you are feeling alone on this journey? like you are the only one raising your baby differently? i hear you. This is how I felt when I found Aware Parenting and wondered where the community was? This is why I created this space. 

I lovingly invite you to this this Monthly Aware Mother Circle. This space is welcoming, inclusive, warm and sacred. This is for you dear mother. 

To gather, connect and share about anything that is happening for you along the journey, of raising your babies and children with awareness.