This space is an online support and listening circle for parents who are raising their babies and children using the Aware Parenting philosophy. 

In this circle you will be given an opportunity to connect in with your own emotional availability and experience using Aware Parenting in your home. This circle is for you to share all of your feelings in a judgement free, supportive and empathic container. 

  • A light, grounding check-in with your body to open the space

  • The freedom to share what is happening for you

  • Any feelings you wish to express

  • Sharing and listening with the opportunity for reflections, empathy and support provided from an Aware Parenting perspective, if it feels aligned.

  • An opportunity to connect with other like-minded parents raising their babies and children from this perspective.

  • Anyone who resonates with the word 'parent' is welcomed into this space 

Cost: By Donation 

This circle is by donation only, if you are experiencing financial hardship please do not feel pressured to offer anything.


To make a donation please click the link below: 


Lots of love, Danni


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