Aware Parenting

Aware Parenting is a child-rearing approach based on research in the fields of attachment, child development, psychotherapy, cross-cultural studies and the neurobiology of trauma.

It was founded by Dr. Aletha Solter, a Swiss-American developmental psychologist who studied with Dr. Jean Piaget in Switzerland before completing her PHD. She has written five books and is internationally recognized as an expert on attachment, trauma, and non-punitive discipline.

Aware parenting is

comprised of 3 elements:

Attachment-style parenting

non-punitive discipline and acceptance of feelings

emotional release of feelings

Many of us have a desire to parent differently than the generations who came before us.

We have a deep longing to do it differently, but we are often confused about who to turn to and overwhelmed by so much information. There are many different parenting paradigms out there today, and Aware Parenting is one of them.

When I was looking for a different way of parenting, I really had to dig deep and find what resonated with me. On one end of the spectrum, I found authoritarian parenting which was all about control, the adult is always right and the holder of all the information. They consider themselves powerful and that it’s their responsibility to teach the child how to behave, sleep and be on this earth. On the other end was attachment parenting. So much of what attachment parenting had to offer resonated deeply with me, but it still felt like something was missing. 


But it wasn’t until I found Aware Parenting that I began to feel a true resonance. This theory is about the acceptance of the whole child. It’s about  being able to hold the space and allow your children to feel all their emotions and not needing to fix them.


Aware Parenting opened my eyes to exploring the conditioning we’ve experienced for thousands of years with our parenting. It allowed me to see a new way of parenting that values both the mother and the child, while building a deep and authentic connection.

Perhaps you’ve been searching for a different way to parent? You’re not alone, and you’re in the right place if:

  • You’ve ever wondered if it’s possible to meet the needs of your baby or children, and support your own needs at the same time      

  •      Leaving your baby to “cry it out” doesn’t align but being up all night and feeling sleep deprived doesn’t feel right either      

  •      You know in your heart that punishment and rewards don’t resonate but you aren’t sure how to illicit cooperation from your toddler    

  • You want to build a secure and loving attachment but still hold boundaries 

  • You want to develop a deep trust in your baby or children but you aren't sure where to start?


There is a different way to parent, and Aware Parenting can help you to feel confident in your natural instincts as a mother.

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