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I’m Danni Willow and I’m so excited that you are here.

I’m a Parent coach, Aware Parenting Instructor, Early Childhood Educator, Primary school teacher, holder of sacred space for Mother and women circles and mumma to two beautiful souls.

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Danni Willow Founder The Way Of The Woman
The Way Of The Woman

Building a community of empowered mothers

Through Aware Parenting and feminine wisdom

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Long ago women and mothers gathered together to raise their babies and children. We had a support system - a village- where wisdom was shared and mother's were empowered.

In today’s world so many mother's feel alone on the mothering journey. We're often parenting in isolation and it's easy to question ourselves, especially when we long to give our children something different to the parenting. 

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Can you feel something deep inside calling you to connect with other mothers? To find a safe place to be heard, held and loved on your mothering journey?

Perhaps you’ve been searching and seeking answers about how you could parent differently. Perhaps the mainstream advice on parenting doesn’t resonate with you, and you’re not sure where else to turn.       

This is how I began my journey years ago, and I was overwhelmed with how difficult it was to get the support I truly needed. This is why I created The Way of the Woman.

I’m here as a guide, to support you to feel safe, build community, and expand our knowledge by coming together, sitting in circle, and sharing wisdom.

By sharing our own experiences and connecting with other mums we begin to feel less alone on our journey. We can start to peel back some of the layers, explore how we could do things differently, and work through some of the guilt, shame and isolation we often hold in our hearts.

Danni Willow - Founder The Way Of The Woman
We are the mothers, the holders, the keepers and the safe space for our children.

When you step into this community, you will immediately start to feel a part of something greater...    

a village of women who are also asking important questions about how they can be the mothers they long to be.


In this circle, all of you is welcome. Step in and explore what this community has to offer...    

Danni Willow

The Way Of The Woman - Newsletter Leaf
The Way Of The Woman - Newsletter Leaf
The Way Of The Woman - Newsletter Leaf



My view on children has grown immensely over the past 10 years.

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